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Epson SureColor SC-V7000

The SC-V7000 is Epson’s first UV large format printer and allows sign and display makers to expand their portfolio of products.


Increase productivity and enhance print quality
The SC-V7000 offers exceptional image quality and the flexibility for you to print on a wide range of media. It’s been developed for printing eye-catching indoor and outdoor signage, window displays, hoarding panels, packaging, promotional goods and decor products. It offers a versatile range of applications, which enable you to expand your product offering and deliver consistently high-quality results. This printer features Epson’s unique UltraChrome UV ink configuration, including red, grey, white and varnish.

Key Features

  • Outstanding print quality UltraChrome UV 10-colour inkset
  • High speed printing Simultaneous printing even when using white, colour and varnish
  • Maximum print size 2.5m x 1.25m
  • Wide range of media To expand product offering potential
  • The complete Epson solution Including printheads, ink, firmware and software