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Kodak i2900 Scanner

Protect valuable documents and optimize image quality with the ingenious, built-in, book-edge flatbed. Scan one page at a time without capturing the blurred or dark imaging in the “gutter” area of a two-page spread.

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The Kodak i2900 Scanner helps you maximize productivity with an ingenious, built-in book-edge flatbed scanner. Protect valuable documents, optimize image quality, and save time performing multi-step processes with the touch of a button.

  • The scanner’s small footprint can take on heavy-duty scanning challenges while taking up less space.
  • Handle all kinds of exception documents – book pages, passports, folders, fragile documents, and others – using the integrated book-edge A4 flatbed scanner.
  • Easily process longer and thicker documents – even cardboard and file folders – thanks to the straight-through paper path.