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Ricoh Pro VC40000 series

The Pro VC40000 is the next generation of high speed inkjet with many features that have been developed based on our ten years of experience of building this type of technology. Following in the footsteps of the IP5000, the Pro VC40000 adopts the same robust design, ease of use and incredible consistency and reliability that made the IP5000 one of the world’s best selling inkjet printers.

With wide gamut inks and a greyscale 600dpi head printing at 120m per minute, the Pro VC40000 is ideal for a wide range of applications including transactional, direct mail and book printing.

  • Builds on proven inkjet technology –from one of the world’s best selling inkjet printing systems
  • Reliable and consistent production enables you to meet your customer’s tightest deadlines
  • Deliver the consistent high quality that helps your customers achieve their objectives
  • Tight web keeps the paper under tension throughout the printing process to facilitate colour to colour and side to side registration
  • Full colour or mono printing with 4/4, 4/1 or 1/1, with CMY head parking
  • Maximum print productivity on uncoated, IJ treated and IJ coated papers at 600 dpi
  • TotalFlow print server R600A is the latest DFE
  • Four print heads assembled into five-inch print head modules to prevent banding and ensure printing stability
  • Aqueous based inks changeable on the fly