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Ricoh Pro VC70000

High speed inkjet comes to commercial printing with the Ricoh ProVC70000. Ideal for high volume applications where coated papers are a must.

The Ricoh Pro VC70000, built to accelerate the transfer of offset print volumes to digital. It gives commercial printers the ability to produce demanding high-quality applications, such as catalogues and magazines, traditionally only suitable for offset presses.

In addition, it combines this high level of print quality with the demands of high-speed production applications such as Direct Mail and Critical Communications, making it the most versatile high-speed high-quality digital printer in the market.

With the addition of our new extended gamut inks which require no precoating and our new advanced drying system the Ricoh Pro VC70000 maximizes production capacity giving users the ability to print faster on a wider variety of media, including both offset coated and uncoated papers.