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Earth Hour 2024: Shining a Light on Collective Action

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At 8:30pm local time on 23rd March 2024, individuals, communities and cities around the globe will once again come together with Earth Hour to shine a spotlight on nature loss and the climate crisis, and inspire millions more to act and advocate for urgent change.

Earth Hour, an initiative pioneered by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) over a decade ago, has evolved into a powerful global movement, reminding us of the urgent need for collective action to address climate change and promote sustainability.

Last year, over 410,000 hours were given to our planet by supporters in over 190 countries and territories. The message was clear: we all share a responsibility to safeguard our planet for future generations.

‘Switch off’ remains a core part of Earth Hour’s legacy and DNA. The symbolic ‘switch off’ on the night of Earth Hour allows us to ‘Give an hour for Earth’. Giving an hour for Earth means spending 60 minutes doing something – anything – positive for our planet.

The past few years have underscored the interconnectedness of human health and the health of our planet. As communities continually adapt to new ways of living and working, there has been a renewed appreciation for the importance of environmental stewardship and resilience.

Earth Hour serves as a catalyst for conversations and commitments to drive meaningful change in policy, industry and everyday practices.

Earth Hour provides a platform for communities to address broader environmental issues, including biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture and waste reduction. Local events such as tree planting drives, beach clean-ups and educational workshops can reinforce the notion that individual actions, when multiplied, can yield significant positive outcomes.

Challenge yourself and your community to ‘Give an hour for Earth’ throughout March and give more hours for Earth. When doing so, post on social media and use the hashtags #BiggestHourforEarth and #MyHourForEarth to help share your actions further.

Find out what you can do to ‘Give an hour for Earth’ here: