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How to Tackle Government Guidelines Surrounding Paper Usage

The UK Government is currently advising the use of digital documents rather than using paper. In an official statement, the Government advised that employers should “encourage the use of digital and remote transfers of material where possible rather than paper format, such as using e-forms, emails and e-banking”.

In response to this, Key Digital are currently offering free advice and support to businesses and organisations surrounding making document workflows paperless. We have a large number of software products and solutions to ease the process of managing documents that will make you less reliant on paper, like our invoice processing solution from DocuWare.

For small and medium-sized businesses and organisations

Document management and workflow solutions have a place within any size company, there are numerous benefits to be gained from graduating from paper files and messy file sharing. Key Digital can advise and support on all software and solutions, allowing you to regain control over your documents and your teams’ processes. No more shared drives, no more paper, no more frustration. All available at your fingertips from anywhere in the world.

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For large enterprises

Keeping your teams productive doesn’t require sacrifices in managing information. With our solutions, you gain powerful document management and process automation that keeps information flowing effortlessly through your workforce. No more security risks, missing information, lost documents and tedious manual tasks. Accessible documents at any time, any place.

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